Leak sensors work to give you and your community’s management important alerts should a there be an unexpected water event

About Leak Sensors

Unlike devices like Front Door Lock, Thermostat, and Smart Plug, you do not need to interact with Leak Sensors on a daily basis. Leak Sensors have already been placed around your home by your community’s management in areas such as near Garbage Disposal, Washing Machine, HVAC system, and Refrigerator.

Play the video below to hear what the Leak Sensor Alert tone sounds like: 


NOTE: Leak Sensor availability and placement can vary by community. Please contact your community’s management for specifics on where Leak Sensors are in your unit.


View Leak Sensor Settings

Although you do not need to interact with Leak Sensors on a daily basis, you can still view and adjust some settings via your app.

  1. Tap on the Devices button in the lower area of your app.

  2. Tap on a specific Leak Sensor to access the settings screen.

Once on settings screen, you can view active status, battery status, location, and any recent notifications if Leak Sensor has been activated.