Here are some options should you find yourself locked out of your home. 

1. Log into your app

If you forgot your access code but you still remember your account log in credentials, log into your app to lock unlock your Front Door. 

2. Contact another resident

If there is another resident on your lease that has an app and access to your unit, remember they can also unlock your Front Door Lock via their app.

3. Use a guest access code

If you have previously sent a guest access code to someone via text or email, and that access code is still active, look for that guest access code to gain access to your home. Remember to manage your active Guest Users should you ever want to revoke access.

4. Contact your community's management

If you have no other means of getting into your home, contact your community's management for possible additional options on how they can assist. 


NOTE: For best performance and security, iApartments recommends that you do NOT attempt to pick your lock or have a locksmith drill out your lock.