You can control your smart plug from anywhere - from in your home to away at the office.

Turn Smart Plug on and off

In the Home section of the app, the area on the top contains quick interactive access to your smart devices, including your smart plug.

  1. Tap on the area that displays Smart Plug.

  2. Tap on the white button on turn on and off.



 Use shortcut to turn Smart Plug on and off

Alternatively, you can access your smart thermostat via the Devices section of the app and operate with a shortcut.

  1. Tap on Devices.

  2. Locate Smart Plug and tap directly on the power button to change on/off status.

  3. You can also tap Smart Plug to access main on/off screen.



 Edit name of your Smart Plug

 You can edit the name of your Smart Plug to remind you of its placement in your apartment. 

  1. Tap the Devices button in the lower area of your app.

  2. Tap Smart Plug to access the on/off screen.

  3. Tap Settings in the lower portion of the app.

  4. Tap Edit button in the upper right if the app.

  5. Tap the Edit button. 

  6. Tap Edit Name.

  7. Edit the name of your Smart Plug. 

  8. Tap Save.