Scenes are a list of actions that can be grouped together to activate with one simple tap in your app

Edit a Scene

In the Home section of the app, locate the scenes section on the lower third of the screen. You can create 2 types of Scenes - Home and Away. Scenes can contains actions from your Thermostat, Front Door Lock, and Smart Lock.

  1. On the Home screen, tap on the 3 dots menu icon in the upper right of the Home Mode or Away Mode area. Your Thermostat and Front Door Lock are listed by default.

  2. Tap on either Thermostat or Front Door Lock buttons to adjust specific settings for each device.

  3. Tap Save to ensure settings are saved for each device.



Add an Action to a Scene

You can add an Action to a Scene, such as turning on your Smart Plug.

  1. Tap on the + icon next to Add an Action.

  2. Select the device you wish to add.

  3. Adjust the settings of your device, then tap on save.




Run a Scene

Once you have created your Scenes, running them is simple.

  1. Tap on Home Mode or Away Mode button in the app. In a few seconds, your Scene will run. Enjoy!